About Siren's Rain




Offering a layered composition of metal and traditional folk instruments, Siren’s Rain is the premiere folk metal band in Washington State, blending the new with the timeworn. With each album comes rebirth, renewal, and revival. Siren’s Rain is devoted to weaving the haunting and torrid tales of the mysterious North West in song and soul.  


Comprised of operatic and bloody shrieks, thundering bass, power hungry guitar, soaring flutes, traditional mandolin, maddening percussion, and various other mayhems, we proudly bring you your hopes and fears from the sinister corners of your mind. This compelling and hypnotic collection of performers will entangle your senses in a tempest of sight and sound.

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Due to COVID-19, we are currently writing and recording our first full-length album, Rise Forth! Check out our social media for pictures and updates!